Read More About Automate Repetitive Tasks of Excel

To arrange a haphazardly distributed data is certainly a tacky job with a fair amount of curses and cuss. The pressure builds up when you need to enter the same text or data again and again. Howbeit, with the upgraded arrangement tools and features of excel sheet, users can now catalog their data in the desired format without the usual hoo-&-cry. This section has shed light on some of the most common and easy ways to automate the repetitive tasks in excel.

MS Excel Macro

A service tool from the armory of MS Excel, Macro is the most widely used feature to automate a repetitive task in excels and has single-handedly established a dominion for the purpose.


  • Sort the data in any combination, format or texture.
  • Stylize and format the content.
  • Modulate the specific content and bring exemplarity.
  • Work with versatile data sources (database, text files, etc.)

Macro Auto It

A savior from the macro automation software line, Auto It is designed to work smoothly on all windows platform with the following few advantages to automate a repetitive task in excel:

  • Highly efficient & fast performance output
  • Lightweight application software with user-friendly automation features
  • Versatile action mode like automation of mouse and key commands, plain texts, clipboard tasks, and modification of string entries into an aligned data.



An immediate cousin of MS Macro, Visual Basic Applications aka VBA is another priced feature in the MS Excel pack that comes to the rescue of automation purposes, MS Excel here.

  • Define & manage variables & input the specific function
  • Create a subroutine section
  • Customize the Macro settings to account for the lacking features of Macro Recorder

Want Some More?

Apart from these popular applications, the excels sheets also feature Pulover’s Macro Creator, EasyClicks Macros, TinyTasks, AutoHotKey, and much more to render the service of automating a repetitive task in excel. For More Information About Excel Training, Please Check Provided Link.