How Shamanic Healing Helps Physical And Mental Diseases

Shamanism believes that everything is ‘Spirit’. By everything, it means air, water, earth, plants, trees, mountains, your body, etc is spirit. The masters, who practice shamanism, are known as Shamans, who perceive that eventually people will wake up to this truth.

For this awakening, it is crucial to remove bad energies, which keep us apart from recognizing our own spirit. Everything which keeps us away from recognizing our spirit needs to be surrendered. If you are interested in lessons then join a reputable energy healing school.

Energies impact on physical body

Energy field surrounds a physical body. Disease gets started in this energy field then moves towards physical body. The diseased energy accumulates and turns heavy causing imbalance in the physical body, which becomes susceptible to disease.

For example, it is just like clogged drain, which accumulates more and more grime ultimately causing blockage. This blockage hinders natural energetic flow causing disease to manifest in the physical and psychological bodies.

How shamanic healing helps

Besides this heavy energy there are extremely high frequency energies capable to energize the physical body. When your body gets filled with high frequency energies, you start feeling light, clear, and healthy. The mind gets calm and you are filled with emotions of love, compassion, appreciation, and gratitude. Therefore to remove the diseased energies, it is helpful to undergo shamanic energy healing.

Energies are not good and bad according to shamans. It is just dissimilarity in frequency. Shamanic practitioner does not offer any biased views but works through your problems in an impartial way.