Affordable Mistral Solid Worktop to Benefit from a List of Inherent Abilities

Mistral kitchen worktops are designed from synthetic surface material. It includes natural mineral fillers and acrylic-based resin mixture. Mistral worktops need qualified installer or your guarantee can get void.

Mistral’s work surface features

  • 25 mm thick solid surface
  • No particle board substrate or MDF used
  • Non porous, so no concern about moisture ingress
  • Strong and seamless joints can be attained
  • Cut-outs for appliances, shapes, and curves can be made anywhere easily without any need for end capping
  • Limitless design options

Durable and hygiene

  • 25 mm thickness, naturally increases the solid surface’s strength and durability
  • Seamless joints and non-porous surface displays that bacterial cannot be harbored

Ease of maintenance

  • Mistral work surface can be cared for easily everyday with soap water
  • There is no worry about abrasive cleaning of joints
  • General scuff marks can get abraded using eco-friendly care & maintenance kit

Resistant properties

  • Mistral is capable to repel the usual household cleaning chemicals and stain removal products
  • If highly concentrated chemicals spill on the surface accidently, you will just need to get it replenished
  • It has high UV stability, thus there is no issue of fading or discoloration


Mistral work surface and support products

  • 3010mm x 625mm x 25mm – Standard worktop
  • 2800mm x 670mm x 25mm – Extra wide worktop
  • 2000mm x 900 x 25mm – Breakfast bar
  • 3010mm x 100mm x 12mm – Upstand
  • 2000mm x 900mm x 12mm – Decorative sheets
  • 3010mm x 625mm x 12mm – Decorative sheets
  • Joining adhesive – 150mm

Mistrals solid worktop surface without substrate means no restriction on shaping, curving, and edge profiling.