An expert guide to play GTA like a pro and enjoy!

No matter if you are a 90’s kid or a modern one, you must be well aware of the most popular video game series; Grand Theft Auto.

It is an open-world game in which you can do a wide range of activities and pass your time. From robbing a bank to flying a helicopter, everything is possible in GTA.

If you are new to Grand Theft Auto and don’t have much knowledge about it, then you must read below. The following are some tips that you can follow to earn a massive amount of money in the game and get the maximum entertainment.

Know the tricks to escape from police

If you are planning to play GTA, then you must be ready to see the police behind you at frequent instances. The more crimes and destruction you do in the game, the more wanted you will get in the eyes of GTA police.

So, you must know how to escape from the police and avoid getting busted by them. You cannot escape from then in a car, so you must know some remote places to hide in the game.

Choose the right vehicle for escaping

Some of the heists in the GTA games require you to find a vehicle to escape in. You should avoid choosing a purchased vehicle as you won’t get it back once the heist is over. So, you must try to hijack any randomvehicle from the road and getaway. It will help you to keep your favorite cars safe in your garage.

Communicate with friends

You will have a few in-game friends who will call and text you frequently. You will get a pop-up whenever you get a text or call, and you must try to reply to all of them. It will enhance your engagement with the game and will make you learn new things.