Ear Stretching Process and Reasons to Practice It

Today, ear stretching or gauging is popular in Western societies.

Ear stretching process

  • A healed ear piercing is enlarged slowly
  • Large piece of jewellery is used every time
  • It needs to done patiently, so as to avoid earlobe tearing
  • Once the ear gauges or stretches as far as you desire, you can start wearing hollow jewellery in this enlarged hole. For more information about Ear Gauges, please visit soscene

Why practice ear gauging?


  • It is a body modification trend
  • Currently, ear piercing is linked with modern punk fashion
  • It is said to receive a lot of acceptability and visibility in the society
  • It is linked with specific sub cultures and social cliques


  • Traditionally, specific tribes and indigenous cultures practiced ear piercings
  • Person with ethnic heritage chooses to ear stretching, so as to stay linked with their cultural roots


  • Regular small ear piercing is not permanent
  • If you avoid wearing earrings for a short period small holes get healed
  • Stretched ear holes lose their ability to heal, so it is the best way to enjoy permanent ear piercings


Safety tips

  • Ear piercing stretched slightly that is a few gauges has the ability to shrink or heal completely, if time is given
  • If piercing is stretched quickly to a large gauge it does not close
  • If your piercing gets closed then plastic surgery is needed to reinstate its pre-stretched state
  • Ear restoration surgery is reported to be uncomplicated and successful