How Employment Lawyers Can Help In Disability Discrimination Cases?

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Disability discrimination issues get tricky, when your employer claims that your requested changes is unreasonable or denies your disability condition. Due to disability, you may require some specific accommodations at workplace but when your employer gives you hard time in making the adjustments it is better to consult an employment lawyer.

Define disability discrimination

When a business owner treats a disabled employee less favorably than non-disabled employees in same circumstances then this is considered to be a disability discrimination. The business owner is violating the law. According to ADA [Americans with Disabilities Act] passed by federal law employers are prohibited from discriminating against disabled employees. Employers are responsible to offer the disabled employee reasonable accommodations.

Every mental and physical limitation or illness does not fall under the ADA. In addition, even if you legally disabled, you may still not be eligible to get protection under ADA law. For example, you don’t possess necessary skills or experience to do the task or the tasks essential responsibilities cannot be performed even with reasonable adjustments.

Employers with specific size don’t get covered under federal and state ADA. However, the size differs, so it is wise to take help from experienced employment lawyer. Search Google using keywords – disability discrimination lawyers near me and you will get plethora of results.

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Lawyer helps in interactive process

For making accommodation request, you need to engage in interactive process. The employer needs to respond to your workplace change request. The employer needs to work with the disabled employee and come up with a reasonable solution, which will help the person to work.

The employment lawyer will help you frame a request appropriately. Well-thought proposal increases the chances of reasonable response from employer. Your request will be granted or a viable accommodation will be suggested by the employer.