How To Choose the Right Incense Types

In the recent times, you will find a lot of different types of incense available in the market. Also, you will find a lot of cultural imports happening in the recent times which makes the possibilities in the field simply infinite. At this point, it becomes very confusing for the users to choose the ones that will best suit your requirements.

You can go for the granular incense if you are looking for the purest form and is a highly popular option for the crafters. The texture of this form of incense is like pebbles or small stones. Another of the very popular type of incense is the granular incense. They are very small in size and are available in a number of different aromas like musk, amber, etc.

cultural imports2

Stick incense is one more type of incense which is very popular in the market, and this is the most widely used option for the users. They are even available without any kind of scent, but it can be added externally.

The other type of incense is powder incense and is one of the most versatile forms available in the market. The texture is of granular form but is quite finer.