How to Know That You Need an Emergency Dental Care?

If you have no idea when you should consider emergency dental care, you are in the right place. In this article, we will talk about when you should seek emergency care.

If you are not taking your dental problems seriously, it is high time you should consider oral care an important aspect of your overall health.

Severe Damage or Pain

  • If you have a large break or fracture on your tooth with a significant amount of pain, it is time that you should seek emergency dental care service.
  • Any kind of severe pain on your tooth is a result of infection or tooth damage, seek immediate medical attention if the pain persists for a long time.

Tooth Abscess

  • A tooth abscess is developed on your mouth due to any kind of bacterial infection. This is a serious issue,and you should consider this type of problems as dental emergencies.
  • You should know that abscess cannot go away on its own, so you should seek an immediate check up to stop it from further spreading.


  • You may lose a tooth due to an accident,or while playing outdoor games, whatever be the reason, you should seek immediate consultation from top dentists like Lior Tamir dentist.
  • It is recommended to bring the lost tooth while you are visiting the dentist.