Know in Detail the Basic Nutrients for Great Health

As the saying goes, ‘Health is Wealth’ has been taken seriously, today. People are getting to know the basic ingredients for great health, which includes carbohydrates, fats, minerals, proteins, vitamins, and not to ignore the benefits of water. Click to read more about Nutrients for Great Health.


  • Two categories of carbs include simple and complex.
  • The former kind includes sugar, while the latter one comprises of dietary fibers and starch.
  • 1 gram = 4 kilocalories of carbohydrates.
  • Energy from carb is employed to fuel your brain and muscles.
  • Soluble fiber reduces cholesterol and control sugar level but gives negligible energy.
  • Insoluble fiber is calorie free and helps to reduce digestive disorders and avoid colon cancer.


  • Protein from food gets broken into amino acids.
  • Amino acids help to build and repair muscles, hair, RBC, tissues, and even make hormones.
  • Sufficient level of protein intake is vital for healthy immune system
  • Protein is source of calories and can be helpful to obtain energy during heavy workouts or skipped meals.


  • Fats found in food are of two kinds – saturated and unsaturated.
  • Dietary fat is vital in healthy diet.
  • Animal based food is loaded with saturated fat and vegetable oils are high in unsaturated fats.
  • Fat is liable to maintain skin and hair, offers insulation, and cushions vital organs.


  • Vitamin is needed to regulate chemical reactions.
  • Out of the 13 vitamins most cannot be produced in human body but needs to be got from diet.



  • Minerals taken from food are liable for better body functions.
  • Magnesium and calcium is essential for fortifying bone structure and iron for RBC to carry oxygen.


  • Body is comprised of 65 to 70% water, which helps to control temperature, carry nutrients, throw waste products, and other cell functions.
  • Water keeps body hydrated without any intake of extra calories.