Miniature Or Grand Chandelier – Which One To Choose For Your Dining Room

Chandeliers can add a sense of style and elegance to a dining room. Chandeliers are of different types and may vary in terms of design and size.

Factors to consider while choosing chandeliers

  • Consider the room size before choosing a chandelier.
  • Take into consideration the décor and color scheme of the room before choosing from amongst glass and metal parts chandeliers.

Types of chandeliers

Nowadays, chandeliers are available in a wide range of designs and may be much lighter than the traditional pieces. On the basis of size, you may select from the primary four types of chandeliers.

The miniature or small chandeliers are available in a number of designs and styles ranging from rustic, contemporary or baroque. They may be made of natural stones, wood, steel or iron and are suitable for dining room corners, patios and hallways. A capiz chandelier may also be preferred by people for its uniqueness and style.

Medium sized chandeliers may be used in spaces that have tall ceilings like entry ways and dining rooms. These chandeliers may have models ranging from three to ten light arm options.

Large chandeliers are considered suitable for bigger dining rooms. They can provide the focal light in the dining room. They may use contemporary and traditional designs.


Grand chandeliers are generally made to meet the specific requirements of clients. They contain a large number of light sources and are suitable for large spaces. The intricate designs make them unique.

Chandeliers may be chosen from among various types based on the amount of lighting required at a particular space.