Things to Keep in Mind When Looking for Boat Storage Services

There are three safe and convenient methods for storing your boat. You can opt for outdoor storage; indoor storage; or dry-stack storage. Pros and cons for selecting which type of storage would suit you best are discussed below –

  • Storing indoors – If you are lucky and own a garage which is large enough to accommodate both your car and your boat, indoor storage offers good protection for the latter from bad weather and exposure to the sun. Indoor storage also proves handy if you want to clean and perform any type of work required on the boat. However, if your garage has only a one car parking space, deciding which one has the greater need, could prove difficult.
  • Storing outdoors – Like any object stored outdoors, boats too would need some special attention. You would need to go in for good shrink-wrapping which allows the air when moist to escape and is also water repellent. Avoid using ropes and tarps to cover the boat, it could lead to a mess. If rain water collects on the boat, it can result in structural damage, as also broken springs and blown tires on the trailer.
  • Storage by dry-stacking – This is one of the best methods to store your boat. Dry stacking can be done at marinas where the boat is raised up by a forklift and stashed on to a boat rack in a special building which has a heating system. This method of storing is done through a wet-slip lease, keeping the boat clean and ready for quick release.


Both outdoor and indoor boat storage facilities are available on a commercial basis as in a yearly lease. Though such storage methods offer good security, you should first check on any restrictions applicable to make sure it is the right choice.