Tips on Enhancing the Fireplace Design

A fireplace can inevitably lift the beauty quotient of any living place exponentially. To further enhance the beauty, the fireplace designer holds a central role.  We bring your attention to a few designs that can take the aesthetics of your living room design higher.

  • Spatial layout

With this design layout, you can bring the focus on the space above, below and in front of the fireplace. Placing beautiful objects or even mirrors on the mantel fills up the empty space and enhances its beauty. Mirrors tend to reflect the flames of the fire to create a mesmerizing effect.

  • Contemporary design

Embracing clean and simple lines; the contemporary designs add character without too much fuss. For instance, simply infusing some color via a colored picture can add as much personality as required. While you decorate the top part, you can also play with the hearth. By adding beautiful marbles and playing with some dark and light colors, you can add fantastic contrast of colors for some unique results.

  • Statement pieces

This works best with rooms of geometrical symmetry. Using differently shaped décor all around the fireplace; you can create some mesmerizing beauty. The only thing you need to be cautious about is that the sense of balance is maintained throughout. You can incorporate various styles here like the minimalist, contemporary, classic, modern, etc. The statement pieces are best to bring the focus to the fireplace.

Finally, you can choose to personalize the fireplace with some personal things. Else, you can go the minimalist way. You can choose modern designs which do not need any accessorizing. Ultimately, it all should enhance the beauty of your fireplace and reflect your personal taste.