Tips To Make Your Hard Mattress Softer

One of the hardest thing to deal with when you get your new mattressfrom your favorite mattress firm Gilbert is the overall comfort you get from it. You would never want to return it to the store where you purchase it, as one,  it is too bulky and two, not all companies have leniency in terms of their return policy.

If you already have the mattress in your bedroom, might as well work on few things to make it more comfortable.



Tips To Make Your Hard Mattress Softer

If you think that the mattress you purchased is too hard for you, follow the guidelines provided below:

  • Check the bed’s foundation

It may not be with the mattress you purchased from amattress firm Gilbert but the foundation of your bed is at fault. Unfortunately, not all kinds of foundation are suited for different kinds of mattresses, like a memory foam mattress is never suitable to box springs and so on.

It is highly recommended that before you buy a mattress, consider the foundation of your bed.

  • Step on the bed

A mattress may just be hard because it is newly purchased, hence asking the sales representative of the mattress firm Gilberton whether the mattress will soften overtime and if breaking can help, is necessary.

Sleeping on it every night can soften the mattress overtime, but, if you want it faster, you can step on it instead. Walking on the mattress for few minutes every day is a perfect way to soften it and sleep on your mattress more comfortably in a shorter period of time.

  • Use a topper

The fastest and most effective way to make your mattress surface softer is by putting a mattress topper on it. By doing so, you could enhance contouring and pressure point relief.

A mattress topper can be made of different materials such as, polyfoam, feather, cotton, wool, memory foam, and latex.

  • Warm the foam up

Another way to soften your foam is by warming it up. If your room is too chilly or too cold, turn the thermostat up even for just few degrees, enough to make the room warmer.

You can never sleep well if the mattress of your bed is too hard or firm. Sometimes, too firm mattress is not just for you, hence it is important that before you make an actual purchase lie on the bed first and see for yourself whether the bed’s firmness is for you or you have to consider other mattress options. Ask the mattress firm Gilbert of the level of firmness they have available and see which suites you the best.