Top Reasons to Buy Ashdown Bass Amp

Since over two decades now, Ashdown engineering has carved a niche in creating some of the best and solid bass tones into extremely compact as well as affordable units. Their beauty packs cater to high end amps for just about music of every genre and have been the favorite of many artists like Foo Fighters’, Pino Palladino (the Who, John Mayer), Nate Mendel and U2’s Adam Clayton. We would walk through the Ashdown bass amp review.

The Ashdown amplification not only gives you high performance and high-value amplification but are extremely user-friendly as well as extremely versatile to custom-fit from genre to genre of music. The compression knobs and the sub-harmonic knobs of these amplifiers draw special attention. It is these that lend spectacular versatility to your tones to match any other instruments that you are using and merge appropriately in conjunction with any other effect pedal or rack units. Thus you get a good thundering low response.

Be it for any instrument like guitar or synthesizer or any other musical instrument, they are quite lightweight and do not cost you arms and legs. They can easily carry you from rehearsal to small gigs with surprising ease. It is an awesome choice for all those who wish to experiment and try without buying many extra devices.