Top SEO Tools Used by Reputed Companies to Boost Online Presence

Since SEO is an ongoing process; hiring the best SEO company Chicago is routine with all credible companies. However, instead of just relying on them; it’s better to understand some tools that they employ to boost your online presence. Check them out.

  • Google Analytics

It is an excellent tool for ongoing monitoring. A must-have tool; it gives you an insight into your visitors and their interaction with your website. It is the best tool to compare and monitor past performance and understand your organic traffic.

  • SEMrush

It is another must-have tool. It is a complete marketing suite via which you can evaluate the website’s content as well as your competitors on various grounds like content marketing, backlinks, social media, SERP ranking,etc. The tool is compatible with various other tools like the Google Docs, Google analytics,etc. and thus keeps your business updated. The tool is excellent for keyword search and optimization.

  • Wayback Machine

It is one of the best marketing tools available that lets you relive your website’s history. One of the complete historical archives; its historical insight proves crucial for you to analyze and improve services as well as not to repeat mistakes.

A good SEO company uses a bounty of tools to yield effective results.