Why You Should Consider Visiting Stockholm For Your Vacation?

You will find a lot of things to do in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm. The place is known for its beautiful history and culture which attracts tourists.



The area of the city is covered in 73 square miles with 14 islands spread across.

  • Stockholm metro is one of the best-designed transportation of the city which is spread throughout the city. The art exhibition in the metro is world famous as it is decorated with unique designs.
  • The second important attraction of the city is Fotografiska which is a contemporary photography center and the largest of its kind. People around the globe come every year to showcase their work in Fotografiska.
  • Stockholm Cathedral is a beautiful ancient cathedral which is established in the year 1279 at Gamla, the city’s old town. The cathedral is rich in history as major events held here.
  • The oldest part of the city is another attraction which includes several towns like Gamla, Stadsholmen, Riddarholmen, etc.
  • You can even opt for a free tour Stockholm as it will give you a ride throughout the city.

All these tips will help you better explore the city of Stockholm. Here, we have discussed the various attractions of the city.