Wireless Or Wired Home Securities-Which One Is Better

Wired security system or wireless security system, both offer different kinds of security features in the house or any building. Both the wire and wireless system will be designed in such a way that the control panel, network of sensors, etc, will be maintained in the self-contained system. Even both the system sends the alerts, live feeds, etc, to the monitoring center that is connected with the security cameras.

Wireless or Wired Security System

Wireless home security and wired security system is entirely different from one another. Some of the distinctive features of each security system are listed below.

  • Reliability

Wired security system comes with the edge on reliability, whereas the wireless security system can be installed at anyplace, but remember that this “anyplace” comes within the perimeter of the connection system.

  • Installation Option

Wired security system cannot be installed at all places, whereas wireless installation system can be installed at the places, which comes within the vicinity of the device signal.

  • Communication

The cellular uplink that is utilized as the mode of communication by both the security systems will be through the cellular networks. The hardwired alarm sensors will be installed at particular places in case of wireless security systems. The sensors act as the network and the signal will be transmitted from one to another, and finally to the source, which is a computer or laptop.


Wired security system were the most opted type when introduced. With the improvement in the technology, wireless security system was introduced. This system became the talk-of-the-town, since interested people need not had to drill holes in their homes or buildings, during the installation procedures.