Where to buy a mattress? A guide on choosing the buying venues – The pros and Cons

With advancements in the digital world, it is easy to learn about a product. It is also easier to compare the product sold at different venues. While comparing there are certain factors the buyer should look into. This guide helps in understanding the mattress chain behind the mattress sale Austin. It also helps the user understand the differences in ease of buying at different venues.

Manufacturer website

            This option is the best option of all. It helps to save a lot of money. As there are nomiddlemen, no stores, no sales person, the cost is minimal. It is cheaper than buying at an online sale. It also ensures sleep trial and warranty coverage.

The only drawback here is shipping. If the manufacturer delivers it through a third party or his store wares are not near by it can eat up a considerable amount of money. On the other hand, many manufacturers offer free deliveries. In either case, it is good to enquire beforehand.

Online retailers

            The best part of buying a mattress here is its variety. Prices are lower as compared to the mattress sale Austin. The only drawback is that customers can not enjoy complete 30-day sleep trial offered by local stores and manufacturers. Also, there are certain retailers registered with the site who do not provide warranty. Stay away from such sellers. These sellers play smart by including “no warranty” some where in the corner using smallest font possible!

Pros – Lowest price, convenient to order and return, easy exchange with old mattress, access to detailed product specification

Cons – Testing as in mattress sale Austin is not possible, long waiting time, shipping fees, etc.

Specialty stores

            These stores carry the widest varieties of bedding and bedding accessories next to online retailers. They may be larger chains spread across different cities or private stores. If the store is chain based, one can negotiate and get the best price. Another benefit is that these stores offer free delivery and in – home assembly service.

Big box retailers

            These retailers carry limited pieces on hand. They allow the customers to purchase on the manufacturer website and provide the option of pick up alone. They do not hold dedicated staff that are specialized in mattresses.

Furniture and departmental stores

            They offer mattress sale Austin with very few varieties. The only advantage is that one can test the mattress before buying it.