4 Mistakes to Avoid when Cooking with Non-stick Cookware

Non-stick cookware as the name indicates are special cookware that has a non-stick coating so that the food does to stick to cookware. This type of cookware makes it incredibly easy and convenient to cook.

At the same time, it is simpler to clean the non-stick as well. But it is to be remembered to avoid certain mistakes which would make the cookware last long. To know some more cooking tips, you can visit catchyscoop.com

Prevent High Heat Cooking
• You should never cook over high heat using the non-stick cookware which can damage the coating rendering it useless.
• Cooking over high heat might result in the complete damage of the cookware.

Avoid Using Non – Stick Cooking Spray
• Never use any kind of non-stick sprays on the cookware which would be a costly mistake.
• Using the spray will accumulate a substance which is sticky which won’t burn off making it difficult to clean the cookware.

Season the Cookware
• It will be a mistake if you do not season the non-stick cookware because a proper seasoning will make it last longer.
• Pre-seasoning the cookware would also make the food cook a lot better.

Sharp and Abrasive Objects Should be Avoided
• It will be a great mistake if you use a sharp object while cooking food in the non-stick cookware which will ultimately result in the damaging of the cookware.
• You should always avoid the use of abrasive objects while cleaning which will result in the coating peeling off.