How to choose a mattress based on its firmness? – A guide to choose the right firmness level while buying a mattress

There are thousands of choices in the market when the user intends to buy a mattress. Having options is great but while finalizing the option to just one mattress Denver,endless options make it difficult to narrow down the choices.

Comfort is the most important factor to be considered while buying a mattress. It relates to how firm or soft a mattress feels. This is referred to firmness in the mattress industry. The firmness level varies on a spectrum with soft and firm as two ends. Every user has his own firmness comfort level. No user can find the same comfort level from mattress with similar firmness.

Here is a complete guide to choose a mattress based on firmness

Innerspring mattress

The firmness in inner spring mattress Denver depends on the shape, number of coils and gauge of the mattress. It also depends on the amount of material packed in and around the coil. Coil count and firmness level have no relation. Even a bed with the highest coil count can feel soft if the thickness of the coil is less.

Some inner spring mattresses are sewn in with a pillow top layer. This provides cushiony soft feel on top even if the bottom layers are firm.

Latex mattress

Latex mattress Denver are made of rubber sap. A new technology that is being used in manufacturing of latex mattresses had introduced a new option called the “Zoned Latex Mattress” These mattresses have rows of varying firmness. Hence the mattress provides soft cushioning at desired places and firm support everywhere else. In general latex mattresses offer medium firmness to high firmness levels.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are made of polyurethane. The firmness of the memory foam mattress Denveris measured by ILD – Indentation Load Deflection rating. Lower the rating softer the mattress foam. Softer memory foam conforms to the users’ body and offers good spine support.

Body weight

Body weight should be considered while choosing firmness level of mattresses. The general rule is that people with higher BMI should opt for firmer mattress. This is because, a heavier person tends to sink in a soft mattress. And a soft mattress makes it difficult for a heavier person to get in and out of a soft mattress.