Frequently Asked Questions regarding Magnets and Magnetism

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What is magnet?

Magnet is created by keeping magnetic materials like steel and iron within strong magnetic field. Temporary, permanent, and electromagnets are three categories. Steel, nickel, iron, and cobalt are atoms forming materials. They are arranged in tiny units called domains, which is microscopic in size but comprises of billion atoms.

Each domain plays the role of small magnets. Before placing them in magnetic field domains point in all the directions but as soon as they get positioned in strong magnetic field domain swings in direction of field. All the domains get aligned and material gets magnetized.

How magnets are created?

Magnet manufacturers make magnetic products using processes like –

  • Casting
  • Compression bonding
  • Pressuring & sintering
  • Extruding
  • Injection molding
  • Calendaring

After manufacturing, magnets are processed further via machining processes and assembled.

What is the cost of magnets?

Neodymium magnets seem very costly. However, when you compare it with cost per BHmax then they are not expensive. When you use more potent magnets then you need to use a miniaturized magnet in the entire device. Thus you can see more potent magnets yield cost savings. For More Information About the Best magnet manufacturers, Please Check

What factors affect magnet’s strength?

  • Heat
  • Radiation
  • Other magnets positioned close to the magnet
  • Strong electrical currents close to the magnet
  • Neo magnets corrode in high humid conditions, if there is no protective coating

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Can magnets that lost their magnetism be re-magnetized?

Most magnets can regain its original magnetic strength provided the material is not damaged.

What are the characteristics of magnets?

Residual induction, coercive force, and maximum energy product are three main characteristics of magnets.