Tips For Getting The Most Mileage From Spray Tan

It is actually, a bad idea to bake in the sun for that bronzed skin. Instead, you can select a high quality sunless tanning product.

Tips for getting the most mileage from spray tan

Preparing skin

  • Before using the spray tan, exfoliate your skin daily, three days in advance.
  • Waxing needs to be done one day before applying the spray tan.
  • This preparation is needed for tan to last longer.

Arrive cleaned and buffed

  • Shower and exfoliate 8 hours before new application.
  • Thus pH balance level in the skin gets enhanced for self-tan development.
  • On the day you visit the salon, avoid applying body lotions because this can lessen the self-tan.

Put on loose clothes & comfortable shoes

  • To avoid tan lines due to the bra strap, it is sensible to wear clothes that do not stick to your skin.
  • Shoes are trickier, so wear flip flops.

Avoid deodorant

  • Deodorant, foundation, or eye makeup can be a barrier causing white pits, so avoid them.

Use paper panties

  • Paper panties help to avoid bikini or underwear lines, so keep them on for some hours, even after the treatment. My Review Here for more information about Sunless Tanning.

Shower in the right way

  • Use lukewarm water for the first shower, after tan treatment.
  • Never use shower gels because it includes moisturizer, which can reduce tan life.
  • You can select basic natural products.


Moisturizing is necessary

  • To maintain glow for a long time proper, hydration is necessary.
  • Avoid oil rich lotion.
  • Moisturize right after you shower.

Avoid heavy sweat

  • Heavy sweating can actually deplete tan life, so after swimming or workouts apply gradual tanner to maintain skin glow.