Most common method used for the detection of lies

Among the several lie detection methods available, the lie detectors are the most common method used for the detection of lies. The reason behind the popularity of the simple lie detectors is that it is effortless and convenient to use.

Moreover, the components used in the machine are simple, and it can give out satisfactory results as well.

The electrodes are one of the most vital components of the lie detector and are connected with the help of the wires. Other essential components are batteries, an electrolytic capacitor, transistor, an analogue meter, pot and a resistor. All the components are attached with the help of wires. The batteries are separately connected, and the analog meter is put in between the batteries. If you are looking for lie detection methods, log on to,

lie detection methods

After all the connection between the different components is correctly made, the lie detection instrument is ready for use. The analog meter should be adjusted to zero at the beginning of the lie detection test. Now the wires are attached to the back of the hand of the subject with the help of tape or other similar items.

When the session of questioning begins, all eyes are set on the meter. If the answers are false, the reading of the meter changes from zero.