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What is magnetism?

  • A physical event that happens between magnets.
  • It invisible in the form of repulsion and attraction.

All materials experience magnetism in the magnetic field but in a different way.

  • Ferromagnetic materials get strongly attracted
  • Paramagnetic materials are weakly attracted
  • Diamagnetic materials repel weakly
  • Antiferromagnetic materials show reasonable strong attraction

Magnets and magnetism surround us. It is used to convert –

  • Mechanical into electrical energy [microphones, generators]
  • Mechanical to heat energy [induction furnaces, current heaters]
  • Mechanical to mechanical energy [magnetic pump couplings, magnetic separators, clamping magnets]

How to measure magnet pull rating?

Magnet performance is affected by its –

  • Size and shape
  • Environmental condition
  • Temperature
  • Material attracted
  • Distance between material attracted and magnet

What is the rule for attraction and repulsion?

Like poles repel and unlike poles attract is the golden rule for basically every magnet. It means North Pole on one will attract the South Pole of another and vice versa. Moreover, a South Pole of one will repel the south pole of another. Repulsion force is half the attraction force.

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What is the longevity of permanent magnets?

Permanent magnets have to be –

  • Looked after well
  • Retained at room temperature
  • Kept in dry ambiance
  • Not mishandled
  • Kept away from corrosion risks, external magnetic fields, and radiation

Powerful magnets with strong magnetic fields can demagnetize credit cards and hinder in the functions of watch. If you have more doubts then contact info for magnet manufacturer is available online.