Understand the Terms AR Smart Glasses


What are smartglasses?

  • Glasses are wearable device capable of presenting wearers with useful information.
  • You don’t need to move your eyes away from work on-hand to see the information.
  • Information gets projected on a transparent display or tiny floating screen without improving wearer’s view.

What is AR smart glasses?

  • It is also a head mounted HUD.
  • AR smart glasses display means information is presented like it exists in reality and the user can interact immersive with 3D digital layer.
  • More complex hardware is needed to be incorporated in genuine AR headsets.

What is the confusion between both technologies?

  • The difference between both technologies is confusing and blurry.
  • The main reason is that several companies try to redefine AR for personal benefits.
  • AR is feature and not product.
  • Google glasses display very little AR-like functionality but even Google never defined these glasses as AR.
  • Public and media hyped Google Glasses as AR because no one had knowledge about what AR really looked like, when used.

Terms used to redefine AR

Some companies are adding to the confusion instead of correcting it by adding other descriptive terms.

  • Mixed Reality
  • Holographic
  • Merged reality
  • Extended reality

The confusion was created with the introduction of Google Glass but it is crucial to understand the difference between AR glasses and smart glasses.

Example to understand the difference

Image result for augmented reality glasses

  • Computers and game consoles are different names
  • Even if they are technically computers designed to serve totally different primary functions

Similarly, smart glasses and AR glasses concept seems similar but to get an idea, you need to wear both of them and get familiar.