What is a VPN service?

A VPN service is also called as virtual private network which helps in private browsing of the internet. There are plenty of software or we can say apps which is available and among which you can choose the best one.

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All you need to do is open up the app and install the profile as it is the first step to begin the VPN connection. On the notification bar you will see the sign saying VPN which means your device is connected to the virtual private network now.

No IP tracing

The main reason people use it to hide their IP address so that no one can track or trace them. If you are the one who wants full privacy while browsing then there is nothing better than this app.

You can get them for free and there are some which required payment for downloading. Go for those which are trusted and secure to use.

Also on the other hand it will be very helpful if you are using a public WIFI because your data can be stolen in no time.

Free to download

You can get it for free from any online store or mobile phone. The main thing you need to focus on is the registration. At first you need to create your own account which will be going to help you in leading to the next part. In the app you will find different countries and signal bars in front of them.

You should choose the one which is high in network or you can simply tap on the fastest connection and it will get connected to the one which is really fast in terms of speed.